Gifts that keep on giving (to the rest of the world)!

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s day, and anniversaries all carry an expectation of giving a gift. Yes, giving feels good – research actually shows that gift givers often get more pleasure in giving than the recipient experiences. But ballin’ on a budget doesn’t always allow us to splurge on an expensive item (that they might not even end up using). Instead of getting a few cheap gag gifts that won’t get much use or going broke buying fancy items, consider these websites for sustainable and affordable gifts.

Instead of buying a new item...

1. Thrift something that they’ve been wanting (Depop, eBay, Poshmark are good apps to buy second-hand items)

2. Gift an experience

3. Donate to an organization that is dedicated to a cause they are passionate about in their name

4. Bake something!

Gift them an experience! Here are a few ideas of experienced-based gifts that have minimal to no negative impact on the planet:

  • Cook them a surprise meal with friends & family (or take them out for a nice dinner!)

  • Take them SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) / kayaking if you live close to a coast

  • Take them for a massage / facial / manicure

  • Buy them concert tickets

  • Plan a camping/road trip

You can also donate money to an organization in honor of someone else, or adopt them an animal through a donation. Here are some links to organizations you can donate to that fit your friend/family member’s passions:

If you’re into nature and wildlife conservation

If you’re into activism and environmental law/policy

If you want to gift a physical item, here are some companies who are conscious about their production and/or donate to environmental organizations – so your gift is appreciated by your loved one and the world!

Sustainable clothing companies:

  • Patagonia (Sustainable production)

  • Prana (Sustainable production)

  • Wholesome Culture (Part of profits go towards environmental conservation and animal rescue)

  • Everlane (Sustainable production)

  • Tread (Sustainable shoes made by Everlane)

  • Visible (Zero waste production & sustainable practices)

  • Educated Earthling (Sustainable production & donates to environmental non-profit)

  • Sand Cloud (10% of Profits Go Toward Marine Conservation.)

  • Tentree (Ten trees are planted for every item purchased)

  • Ivory Ella (Donates 10% of profits to elephant conservation)

  • Parks Projects (Donates to National Parks projects)

Sustainable Jewelry Companies:

  • 4Ocean (every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1lb of trash from the ocean)

  • Pura Vida Charity Bracelets (Donates to more than 175 charities & 1% of their annual net revenue is donated to environmental organizations)

  • Cape Clasp (Donate 15% to marine life organizations)

  • Big Blue (Supports ocean organizations)

  • Simply Nature (Sustainable production)

The bottom line: Giving meaningful gifts doesn’t need to be expensive or an unnecessary act consumerism – people will appreciate meaningful and sustainable gifts and experiences, and your effort to save the planet!

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