Green Gift Wrapping

Holidays are full of gift giving and we all know how good it feels to watch someone unwrap a gift you picked out specifically for them and then wrapped delicately. However, Americans produce 25% more (25 million tons) trash during the holiday season. If each American family used recycled gift wrapping for just 3 gifts, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. So this year, try to be creative and conscious about how you wrap your gifts!

Here are a few tips about how to produce less waste when wrapping:

  1. Use newspaper as gift wrap

  2. Tape your gifts in a way that allows the paper to be reused

  3. Remind your gift recipients to be careful with their unwrapping so that you can reuse the materials

  4. Invest in some reusable gift boxes to use year after year

  5. Make your own gift tags with wrapping paper scraps

  6. Reuse tissue paper if you add it to a bagged / boxed gift

  7. Designate a box to reusable gift wrapping materials to keep in your home

  8. If you do buy wrapping paper, buy recycled gift wrap (Wrappily or Amazon)

The Bottom Line: Get creative! Someone will appreciate the effort you put in to wrap their gift thoughtfully and sustainably (and so will the planet!)

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