Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have crept up on us yet again, wrapping up the most insane roller-coaster of a year. I’ve been brainstorming ways to appreciate my family and friends who have contributed to maintaining my sanity throughout 2020 with the goal of finding gifts specific to each person’s lifestyle that were also eco-conscious. In my search I found some great resources that might help you with your last minute sustainable holiday gift shopping!

For anyone & everyone…

  • An experience! Check out your local experience guides - buy them a coupon for a massage, a nice dinner, paragliding, boat ride, etc.)

  • Sustainable brands of clothing they like - sustainable underwear, socks, workout gear, etc.

  • Make something - art, a favorite meal or baked goods, a craft, etc.

  • Books - inspire them with a good book and write a note on the first page so they associate the book with you

  • Look for second-hand/vintage items (film cameras, decorations, etc.)

  • Support Black owned businesses on Etsy

  • Endangered species chocolate - donate to wildlife conservation through chocolate bars!

  • Conscious Step socks - each pair of socks is associated with an environmental or social cause, made from ethical and sustainable cotton

For parents/guardians/grandparents/etc….

For siblings/friends…

  • Pela case for phone, airpods, apple watch, etc.

  • Lush bath bomb or other self care items

  • Make a photo album of favorite moments

  • Hammock - invite them to go camping or hiking and get some outside time (after a year of nonstop screen time!)

  • A journal - write a letter on the first page so they always have that to look back at, and maybe some journal prompts (‘What is my goal for this week?’ or who or what do I want to give more attention to?’)

For significant others…

  • Check out Etsy for some beautiful custom designed gifts (framed photos, necklaces, journals, pretty much everything!)

  • Make a playlist with their favorite songs

  • Plan a cute adventure date - picnic, camping, road trip, etc.

  • Self care package (favorite candy, socks, succulent, book, etc).

Eco-Conscious gift sites:

  • EarthHero - everything from camping gear, pet accessories, makeup, and electronics

  • Etsy - sustainable gift ideas (Etsy participates in carbon offset shipping practices)

  • EcoRoots - home, kitchen, bath, etc. gift ideas

  • Package Free Shop - everything zero waste & package free you could need

  • ZeroWasteStore - shop by interest (hiker, yogi, chef, etc.)

  • Madetrade - sustainable marketplace

Plants delivered:

...or check out our previous posts: green gift guide (sustainable brands to check out) & green gift wrapping!

These are just a couple of ideas, but hopefully you’ve found some inspiration! It’s worth the extra time to find a special gift that is meaningful and ethical/eco-friendly.

The bottom line: gift consciously!

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